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The Mindful Nurse

The Mindful Nurse

Nikki Harman is a nurse working in the NHS. Having practised meditation and mindfulness for nearly 17 years, she has been developing techniques to help a wide range of patients, … Continue reading


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I am taking bookings for the following: Teaching children meditation either as a group or individually Adult beginners meditation (4 weeks or 6 weeks duration) and mindfulness courses – places … Continue reading

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“Reiki (Japanese, meaning universal life force) is a form of energy healing which can help with imbalances in the body. It is a relaxing, painless therapy. Nikki is a reiki … Continue reading

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Five Mindful Activities To Practise With Your Child

Originally posted on The Inner Space Project:
It was a Sunday afternoon. My children were feeling out of sorts for a number of reasons. My son, age 6, was upset…

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Mind Your NHS

The NHS is getting rather a lot of press, recently, what with the planned (and called-off) doctor’s strikes;  student nurses and other healthcare professional students’ bursaries being scrapped; a £630 million funding deficit in … Continue reading

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make friends with your inner voice

  This child is making friends with his violin, having not played it for a while. He needed to learn a piece for his next lesson, but really did not … Continue reading

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We’ve Got To Go THROUGH It!

There are times in our lives when there is pain and suffering. There are days when the world news seems to be filled with nothing but darkness. There is a … Continue reading

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The Shoe Box

This is a personal post based on some mindfulness activities with my children, earlier this week. I had a text from school reminding parents to bring in the Christmas shoe … Continue reading

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Trust or Trussed?

Tru(th)    st(ep) Trust – the ability to see the truth above perceptions, whilst walking a step at a time, knowing that all is well in that moment, accepting that … Continue reading

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Releasing anger, sadness or fears with children

Sometimes I find myself telling my children to “calm down” when they’re upset or crying. When I do, I remind myself that they might not want to be calm. They … Continue reading

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Back To the Present

Yesterday was “Back To The Future Day” after the film’s character Marty McFly time-travelled from 1989 to the 21 October, 2015. In the 26 years since the film was made, … Continue reading

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Beyond The Gate: To Freedom

Whilst out for a fresh morning run in Dorset, I paused to take this picture. The gate is in the foreground, with the sea, the emerald and sapphire jewels and the … Continue reading

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How to eat an orange: mindful eating

You may think eating is a pretty simple activity, and on the surface, you’d be right. But I want to look beyond the surface, at what’s beneath the obvious. Let’s … Continue reading

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